SeekandHit is an agency specialising in Internet marketing and advertising. It was set up in October 2007 as an informative website on Internet marketing, and after a year grew into an independent company with its offices in Split.

It focuses its endeavours on creating a cost-effective presence on the Internet, achieved using effective and measurable advertising, optimisation of landing pages and conversions, and by analysing data on users and their behaviour.

Mario Frančešević

The agency was established by Mario Frančešević who will make sure that you’ll be making contextual appearances in — Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or some other form of contextual advertising on the Internet.

Mario, as the SeekandHit agency manager, conducts contextual advertising and optimisation, and is one of the leading authorities on the subject in Croatia. When not analysing our client’s traffic, he takes time out to author an Internet marketing blog.