1. August 31st Serious Bing Ads Conversion Tracking Issue (Agency Point of View)



  1. June 11th Google Day for Agencies 2013 in Warsaw – Meet Us There!




  1. May 6th SeekandHit Is The First Google AdWords Certified Partner In Croatia


  1. December 22nd Measurability of Internet Advertising Campaigns
  2. December 3rd A Quicker Website with the New Code from Google Analytics
  3. November 20th A Little on the SeekandHit 2009 Autumn/Winter Collection
  4. November 2nd An Overview of Internet Marketing Happenings
  5. July 18th Etarget Introduces a New Ad Format
  6. July 16th As of mid-July Google is Officially Present in Croatia!
  7. July 11th Internet Marketing in the Past Month
  8. May 27th Advertising on the Google Content Network
  9. May 24th How to Monitor ALL Twitter Visits in Google Analytics?
  10. May 22nd Notice for Google AdWords Users
  11. May 20th Google AdWords Bid Simulator (beta)
  12. May 16th Google Presents New Search Options
  13. May 15th Website SEO Guide (PDF)
  14. May 2nd An Introduction to Google AdWords Auction
  15. February 2nd Search marketing in January
  16. January 13th Using Google AdWords? Be Careful When Viewing Your Adverts
  17. January 11th Over one million Google AdWords advertisers


  1. December 6th iPhone targeting within Google AdWords
  2. November 20th Google SEO guide for beginners
  3. November 1st Comparison of organic and PPC conversions
  4. October 31st Google AdWords: Quality Score and Ad Quality
  5. October 29th What effect will the financial crysis have on the online marketing?
  6. October 23rd Enterprise options of Google Analytics
  7. October 14th The importance of links and backlinks structure
  8. October 5th Adobe + Yahoo = PDF ads
  9. September 6th Everything about Google in the last 15 days…
  10. August 23rd Important changes to the Google AdWords
  11. August 11th Google advices for multilingual sites
  12. August 8th Changes to Google Content network
  13. August 6th Google Insights for Search
  14. July 26th Utilize the potential of misspelled keywords
  15. July 22nd 5 frequently made pay per click mistakes
  16. June 10th Google Analytics trends with the help of Firefox
  17. June 2nd Mobile Internet Marketing- where is it going?
  18. May 27th HTML Reflow- how the browser ‘sees’ the page (video)
  19. May 22nd Search Engine Friendly Web Design
  20. April 19th Google advising on how to move a site (domain)
  21. April 18th How to redirect URLs using 301 redirection
  22. April 10th URL redirection and link optimization
  23. April 4th Google is changing search algorithm?
  24. March 24th Google AdWords introduces Demographic bidding feature
  25. March 19th Alternative way of defining keywords #5
  26. March 17th Google AdManager — platform for selling advertising space
  27. March 15th Internal Google webspam regulations leaked out
  28. March 4th Yahoo! makes its search engine available for all users
  29. March 1st Negative keywords and its implemenentation to your ad campaign
  30. February 29th LinkedIn as a source of expert advices
  31. February 10th How to set up a multilingual page?
  32. February 1st Duplicated content is not always penalized
  33. January 31st Where ever you go, Google is there…
  34. January 30th Find out who is linking your site by using Link Diagnosis
  35. January 22nd Testing and implentation of keywords #4
  36. January 13th Keyword value assessment #3
  37. January 8th How to take the first position on Google
  38. January 7th Tools for generating and recommending of keywords #2
  39. January 4th Complete guide to proper keyword selection for your web site #1


  1. December 12th Google Content network advertising – YES or NO?
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  3. November 12th How does FeedBurner calculate your RSS subscribers?
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  8. October 17th AdWords: differential statistics of Google search partners