Advertising on the Google Content Network

The Google Content, known also as the Google Content Network (you often hear the phrase “Google AdSense Ads”), is a collection of websites and other products maintaining a partner relationship with Google and which publish Google AdWords ads.

Notice for Google AdWords Users

Google has sent a notice to users of the AdWords system informing them of changes to the current interface which is to occur in about a month’s time on all accounts.
If you happen to be just an irregular user instead of an AdWords guru, it’d be good to study up on this new interface so the changes won’t come as a surprise to you later on.

Google AdWords Bid Simulator (beta)

Even though the new tool was presented by Google to only a small number of AdWords accounts, it does offer an interesting concept that might save advertisers a kuna/euro here and there when testing costs and the effects of ad positions on the cost of a click.

An Introduction to Google AdWords Auction

Even though I mentioned this video on Twitter about a month ago, it definitively deserves a little more attention because of the useful information and manner in which the auction system is used to serve ads to those using the Google service.

Using Google AdWords? Be Careful When Viewing Your Adverts

Here is a quick piece of advice for all of you using Google AdWords. On account of encountering this ‘problem’ quite often, it becomes useful to provide some advice when viewing adverts.

iPhone targeting within Google AdWords

While I was playing a little bit with preferences of certain campaigns, I accidentally stumbled on the last preference that gives you an interesting option — to advertise specifically for mobile phones that are using Internet browsers.

Comparison of organic and PPC conversions

Using combined forces, Google and Compete have measured the role and effectiveness of web search engines in sales business.