Google AdWords: Quality Score and Ad Quality

Another modification was introduced by Google concerning maybe the two things that arise a lot of questions and dilemmas.

Current Quality Score calculation is a bit unsuited when it comes to the bidding for ‘strong’ keyword and your budget is insufficient (common case for English-speaking countries).

Important changes to the Google AdWords

On the official AdWords blog, a text was published yesterday in which certain changes are announced that will affect the function and price rates of Google AdWords system. Some modifications are most welcomed while some could lead to increase of rates.

Changes to Google Content network

Yesterday, Google announced some vital new features of Google content network, which is one of the first things announced as a direct result of DoubleClick acquisition.

Google Insights for Search

After Google Trends update,Google launched another tool intended to be used especially by advertisers. Like Google Trends, Google Insights gives you search evaluations and evaluations of term popularity depending on the region, time periods, categories…

Google AdWords introduces Demographic bidding feature

Google continues with improvement of Google AdWords system. New feature is called demographic bidding that allows AdWords users even better guidance of their ads to reach target audience.

At the beggining of the year, Google summoned beta testers to try this new sort of bidding — since the last week, this feature is available for all advertisers.

Negative keywords and its implemenentation to your ad campaign

One of the vital elements of every PPC campaign is defining of negative keywords. Why should you pay for clicks with ‘false’ traffic that will result in loss of money.

Negative keywords are emphasized in campaigns based on broad and phrase matches, and without negative keywords it could behave as a double jeopardy (researches show that 70 % of AdWords campaigns are based exactly on these two types of keywords).

Google Adwords offers CPC bidding

According to the official Google Adwords Blog, due to changes in options of targeted site campaigns, the name has been modified to be more precise what the service is offering.