As of mid-July Google is Officially Present in Croatia!

„We made this decision because we saw opportunities in Croatia and the region in both areas — consumer and business products,” said Hrabren Suknaić, Google’s regional manager for the Adriatic region.

Google Presents New Search Options

Google utilized this year’s Searchology 2009 event (held on 12th May), besides other things, in presenting new options that will be made available on the Google search engine within a month’s time (for the moment, as far as I can tell, this option is available only on

Over one million Google AdWords advertisers

The New York Times published an interesting article about advertisers who use Google AdWords as a means of presenting their services and products. Namely, according to the data they have acces to, the number of advertisers they are talking about is enviable — which gives some explanation to the question about Google’s profit.

Google SEO guide for beginners

There you go, it has happened — Google published its SEO guide (best practices) for webmasters. Covered on 22 pages, Google gives advices for improving visibility on Internet search engines and, of course, for increasing the number of visits.

The importance of links and backlinks structure

Last week, Google held a Links week — a series of posts with useful advices and answers about the most interesting questions to webmasters.

After the opening post (which is at the same time a connector between all posts made that week), the second day was devoted to internal links.

Everything about Google in the last 15 days…

Considering that I have been offline some time, a lot of news has accumulated, especially when talking about Google. Anyway, not to write a whole opus on Google (like there is not enough talking about Google), here are some things that Google decided to introduce while I was in the state of hibernation.

Google AdManager — platform for selling advertising space

It is surprising to me that the new feature Google made available 2-3 days ago, didn’t make a stronger response. First of all, it is about an interesting product that could be of interest to a large number of site owners.

AdManager could be defined as a platform that will run in backround of your web pages and serve the managment and selling of advertising space on your site — it will do the job that the majority of pages fail to do in order to turn its web project into serious destination for potential advertisers (and profit, of course).