Measurability of Internet Advertising Campaigns

An interesting thing is how over 50% of small and medium-sized businesses in the USA (and I believe that this figure would be incredibly optimistic for our region) don’t track the success/conversions in their advertising campaigns on the Internet!

Etarget Introduces a New Ad Format

Those using the Etarget ad network might consider this information interesting — during the middle of the week, Etarget introduced a new ad format (still in the beta stage, hence the new ads are not available on all user accounts), and on this occasion are prepared to give out 10 invitations to those who would like to try the ads out

Internet Marketing in the Past Month

On account of the chronic lack of time, I’ll try to cover in a more general post the most important things that have occurred in the internet marketing and search engine area during the previous month…

What effect will the financial crysis have on the online marketing?

It is hard to ignore the latest news (pesimistic) and financial perspectives of the world’s economy status and times ahead of us. It will be interesting to see how the whole situation will affect our region…

From the perspective of the virtual world (e-business, Internet marketing and advertising), it is to expect that this area will also suffer and result in smaller growth.

Adobe + Yahoo = PDF ads

During SES San Jose conference (held in mid October), an interesting cooperation between Adobe and Yahoo in the fields od technology of displaying ads within PDF documents was mentioned. Even though, this kind of advertising was discussed last year, it seems that this kind of cooperation is close to be published (currently in beta version).

Mobile Internet Marketing- where is it going?

Advertising and marketing on mobile devices was always something put in category of ‘what will come’ — year by year. Problems facing the process of technology and software standardization, problems when talking about the cost of Internet access service, the problem of a large number of technically obsolete mobile devices over a year old and with low technical capabilities…these are all reasons — or some of them — why the topic of mobile Internet is discussed with caution…