Google advices for multilingual sites

Recently, I wrote about domains and multilingual pages, it will not do any harm if we mention a few guidelines Google has issued on the blog.

Utilize the potential of misspelled keywords

Beside its primary function, PPC systems (especially AdWords) can be used as an excellent search tool — in this case for the purpose of finding bad spellings that can effect the traffic itself.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

To define search engine friendly web design and relate it to the ‘other side’ (users) thinking that content and site concept must not be disturbed because of the search engines, is a common misinterpretation.

According to some people, search engine friendly web design is ‘coliding’ with the human design and visitors experience, but my opinion is that these two sides don’t come one without the other — by combining these two opposites, the site can make progress and achieve good results.

How to redirect URLs using 301 redirection

This is probably one of the most frequently asked forum questions when we talk about redirections.

URL redirection and link optimization

One of the most frequently asked questions is related to the domain redirection and the ways in which proper redirection can be achieved in order to make painful transition to new links and/or domain. While the process itself looks maybe trivial (a few code lines into the page or .htaccess file), the practical side can sometimes go in the wrong direction — from deindexed pages, duplicated content, or even waiting for several months for reactivation and ranking to some keywords.

LinkedIn as a source of expert advices

I believe that a lot of you are already familiar with LinkedIn, (for those who are not: the easiest way to describe LinkedIn — it is a social network for bussiness contacts). Generally, I wanted to draw your attention to a certain possibility I had noticed during redisign of LinkedIn.

Duplicated content is not always penalized

While the main topic of discussions is the offer Microsoft intends to make for Yahoo purchase (45 billions of US dollars), Matt Cutts made a review on dilemmas caused by different misinterpretaions of so called ‘duplicated content’ — and penalties that certain site can sustain.