Website SEO Guide (PDF)

In cooperation with CARNet and their project, I have written a brief introduction (a beginners’ guide) to search engine optimization (SEO) (in Croatian only).

Since CARNet is going to publish an expanded in-depth version, I have published the document in its original form, but you’ll be notified once it’s up on CARNet’s site.

Alternative way of defining keywords #5

One of the ways to get the quality keywords is settng your account on one of the paid systems in search engine property: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft AdCenter.

Keyword value assessment #3

During the search for the proper keywords, you will find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to choose keywords that are more appropriate for your site. Appropriate in the sense that you’ll try to sort out those keywords that best fit the profile of your website.

Tools for generating and recommending of keywords #2

There are a few useful web tools that can help you choose the right keywords. First of all, one small remark: fluctuation of results using different tools is possible and it should not be considered as the ‘final verdict’ for a certain keyword, but only as one element that can help you in choosing the right keyword.

Complete guide to proper keyword selection for your web site #1

One of the topics I promised to talk about a long time ago is finally finished. I have to admit, I didn’t expect the article to be so large and detailed, because of that I had decided to publish it in episodes so that the texts could be comprehended properly.

How to optimize a website in 6 steps

Do you have a website and would like to reach a good ranking? Everybody is talking about the SEO, but even then, you are not sure what exactly needs to be done in order for your pages to be displayed on Google when searching for a particular term?

If you have questions like this, it is time to revise, understand and apply the optimization process in 6 steps!