We made this decision because we saw opportunities in Croatia and the region in both areas — consumer and business products

said Hrabren Suknaić, Google’s regional manager for the Adriatic region.

On the one hand, there exists a lot of interest by local users for our products and therefore it is our desire to offer useful and innovative applications in the local language,” says Suknaić and adds: “On the other hand, we want to assist Croatian companies as well as those in the region to create a presence and to be able to be found on the internet, and show them that they can profit from online marketing, especially in the current climate of economic crisis.

In the recent times, the main characteristics of online advertising have become evident, such as a high effectiveness and return on investment – very significant factors in this era of economic crisis.

Considering that it’s Google, there is no need for me to mention how good a thing it is for our small Internet market. Primarily, this can only mean better communication, support and development of services for our market, and on the other hand, this is a clear indication that the Croatian (and the regional) web market represents an adequately large potential to someone such as Google to make such a move…

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