Google utilized this year’s Searchology 2009 event (held on 12th May), besides other things, in presenting new options that will be made available on the Google search engine within a month’s time (for the moment, as far as I can tell, this option is available only on


The new options will be made available using a special panel on the search engine, and one of the more interesting options is the ability to do time-based searches (it comes as no surprise considering that real-time searches during the last few months have become a real buzzword).

The time filters are really handy, and it is finally possible to avoid results that date back to a few years ago (the question being as to how relevant they actually were). The discrete time period filter (past 24 hours, past week) might be interesting on account of reputation management, because it’s simple to find newer information on forums, more recent video recordings…


Interesting also are the options where it is possible to further “polish up” searches.


The Wonder Wheel looks interesting, a possibly useful tool when researching keywords. Once you enter the keyword relating to the term you’re interested in, Wonder Wheel will provide you with a “tree” of synonyms and related keywords. Simple and useful.


All in all, a useful set of additions for the most popular search engine. Other new features which the Google professionals have prepared can be read in more detail in the Searchengineland roundup.

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