It is time to end with the holiday fast of no blogging, and there is not a more appropriate way to end it than to annoounce a very interesting information from Google.

The New York Times published an interesting article about advertisers who use Google AdWords as a means of presenting their services and products. Namely, according to the data they have acces to, the number of advertisers they are talking about is enviable — which gives some explanation to the question about Google’s profit:

  • In the year 2003. Google reached the number od 89.000 advertisers.
  • In the year 2004. the number climbs up to 201.000.
  • In 2005. the number is 360.000.
  • In the year 2006. The number exceeds 500.000 (Google ends the year with the number of 600.000 advertisers).
  • In 2007. Google reached arround one million advertisers

I assume that the number of advertisers continued to climb during the year 2008. in the similar scale, so the number of 1.5 million advertisers is a proper estimation. To make things more interesting, just take into consideration the fact that an average advertiser spends arround 16.000 $ a year.

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