Last week, Google held a Links week — a series of posts with useful advices and answers about the most interesting questions to webmasters.

After the opening post (which is at the same time a connector between all posts made that week), the second day was devoted to internal links. For those who have the time to read the post, it can be found at Google webmaster blog, and for those who do not have the time to read it-here are some of the most important advices:

  • Keep important subpages few clicks away from homepage
  • Intuitive navigation. In case that visitors do not use the search box for searching, can they still get the desired information using navigation links?
  • Links that can be crawled by search engines. Search engines can easier detect pages using textual links.
  • Sitemap can be helpful with page crawling.
  • Use descriptive anchor text.
  • Be sure that Googlebot sees internal links. WithGoogle Webmaster tool you can check number of internal links that are available to Googlebot.

On the third day, the importance of linking to other sites was mentioned:

  • Relevant outgoing links are helpful to your visitors.
  • Selected links can raise your credibility.
  • Bad links include those ones that lead to unmonitored links (especially the user-generated ones) and links in the service of covert advertising.

The third text in this series of posts is referring to the inbound links (links coming from other pages). It is said that a picture is worth a thousands of words:

Links week

Meaning, the main rule would include creating content with a value, that is, a content which is in one hand interesting to the reader, and in the other hand, unique and one of a kind.

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