An interesting thing is how over 50% of small and medium-sized businesses in the USA (and I believe that this figure would be incredibly optimistic for our region) don’t track the success/conversions in their advertising campaigns on the Internet!

How do you justify this statistic? Why is it that such companies will sooner focus their attention on things like finding out how much tax to pay (73% surveyed, says Yahoo! Finance), rather than taking a greater interest in money spent on the Internet?

Imagine if you could apply search engine marketing measurability in a ‘traditional’ environment — if, for instance, you could exactly know for each TV commercial:

  • The number of viewers who saw the commercial.
  • At what moment did the viewers lose interest.
  • At what moment was viewer attention at its peak.
  • How many viewers had decided to ‘turn’ your number and enquire about your product.
  • How many viewers actually purchased what you advertised.

It sounds very good, doesn’t it? That’s why with internet marketing, don’t rely on odocative methods such as “if someone contacts me using the contact form, this will certainly be indicative data that my internet campaign is successful”.

Design a plan and strategy, track your campaign success, and start finally using the advantages that Internet marketing offers! You’re not in an offline world anymore, here other rules take precedence…

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