Considering the fact that the number of blog articles during the last month didn’t excced the number five, I’ll end the ‘fast’ by giving you an overview on some important things related to the searh marketing that happened in January.

Semmys 2009 — election of the best SEM articles

The beggining of the year is reserved for the annual election of the best articles in the field of Search engine marketing, really a great number of very useful material, certainly I reccomend you to browse through the candidates. I would sort out some of the most interesting ones: Split Testing Adwords: You’re Doing It Wrong, How To Excite People About Web Analytics: Five Tips, Three Reasons Your Visitors Don’t Convert to Leads, The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period! i Better Than Free.

Google — fiasco and changes to the AdWords interface

Like always, it is hard to ommit Google from the news. The January was concluded by a ‘little’ fiasco, where the whole Internet was marked as malware. Human error they say, it looks like that it can happen to the great ones too.

What could be more interesting to the readers of this blog is the fact that there is a ‘facelifting’ of AdWords in preparation. (P)review can be seen here, which means that the changes could be visible on your accounts very soon.

Barcamp 2009

At Barcamp Zagreb I was supposed to hold a lecture on search marketing, but unfortunately, I had missed the conference due to illness, but as I hear, it was very interesting, pragmatical and useful. Some bloggers made a reference to the conference, and the event was broadcasted by Nova TV in programme called ‘Novac’.

Twitter- micro-blogging in the SE Europe

Twitter, if I may notice, is becoming very popular in our region, micro-blogging is IN, I believe it is just a matter of time when the Twitter will be used by companies/media as a vital form of communication with the readers or business associates/buyers.

Croatian web space — two new projects

Two new projects on the Croatian web space that deserve the attention are and Centrala. is one of Aljoša’s projects (along with and stvari,net). The idea is really interesting, by all means, drop by.

Besides, our friends from Nivas launched this morning (or yesterday?) a new human powered aggregator called — Centrala. Delightful to the eye, simple to navigate — well done guys!

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