As of mid-July Google is Officially Present in Croatia!

„We made this decision because we saw opportunities in Croatia and the region in both areas — consumer and business products,” said Hrabren Suknaić, Google’s regional manager for the Adriatic region.

Important changes to the Google AdWords

On the official AdWords blog, a text was published yesterday in which certain changes are announced that will affect the function and price rates of Google AdWords system. Some modifications are most welcomed while some could lead to increase of rates.

5 frequently made pay per click mistakes

Testing can provide you with useful results, and this claim can not be generally applied to every situation and to every keyword. It is often that the first position is the one that is most cost-effective and with less conversions than it would be the case with the second and third position.

Google AdWords introduces Demographic bidding feature

Google continues with improvement of Google AdWords system. New feature is called demographic bidding that allows AdWords users even better guidance of their ads to reach target audience.

At the beggining of the year, Google summoned beta testers to try this new sort of bidding — since the last week, this feature is available for all advertisers.