Many companies have embraced the Internet as a vital segment of their business. Some of them have started off Internet and use Internet as their main sales and marketing channel whilst the others responded to opportunities opened to them by the digital age.


ActiveCollab is the leading software tool for project management and online collaborative work. After the initial introduction of clients goals, we started setting Google AdWords campaigns and obligatory conversion tracking in order to properly be able to research the market where the campaign is launched. Along with the maintenance and further campaign development, efficiency analysis is performed.

Maistra Inc.

Maistra Inc. is the leading hotel chain in Croatia and is also a part of Adris Group. With tourism being one of the most competitive industries, the preparation for the Adwords campaign had to be detailed and thorough.

The whole campaign was split in two phases, the campaign preparation stage and the running of the actual campaign. During the preparation stage we focused on defining the campaign structure, performing keyword research which spread over 10 european languages as well as defining ads and their content. Once the preparation stage was completed and signed off by the client we entered the production stage of the campaign targeting simultaneously ten european markets. With such extensive campaign the management and optimization present a constant challenge.

Pizza Blitz AG

Pizza Blitz AG is one of the biggest pizza chains in Switzerland and a classic example of a company that recognized the potential of Internet advertising. The results are more than obvious: Internet orders became an important part of business, but don't take our word for it, check the case study (PDF).