Etarget offers the ability to advertise on websites and portals in Croatia and the region. The ads are contextual, meaning that the keywords determine to whom your ads appear. This allows you to show your ads to interested consumers.

How does Etarget work?

When someone visits a webpage showing an Etarget ad, the ad appears to the user depending on the content of the respective page. By defining key terms, it is possible to control the appearance of the ad next to the content that relates directly to the service or product. This allows you to attract targeted visitors to your goods and services.

Advantages of the Etarget system

  • Advertising on leading Central and Eastern Europe websites
  • With the pay per click option, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad – and not when your ad appears!
  • Your ad appears contextually (ads are shown corresponding to words contained in the article)
  • Insight into statistics and your ad campaign’s degree of success

Etarget’s campaign reach

Etarget ads are currently being shown on 361 internet sites in Croatia. Besides Croatia, the Etarget system is available in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland and Austria.