Xclaim offers the opportunity to advertise within the text of a webpage. Currently, there are over 300 media (websites within the Xclaim network) showing Xclaim ads.

How do Xclaim ads work?

Xclaim functions on the principle of finding and marking keywords within the text of a webpage located on the network, where the keywords are specially designated and allow ads to appear when a user passes over it with a mouse cursor.

Keywords are chosen by the advertiser and those within the text are marked with a green colour and are double underlined.

Advantages of Xclaim advertising

  • Appears within the article based on keywords that relate to the service or product
  • Ad payments are made according to the pay per click principle – you only pay for those ads clicked by someone, not for the ads appearing
  • Ability to place various types of ads (Flash, video, texts)

Xclaim’s campaign reach

According to figures available in Google’s Ad Planner tool, there are 121 sites showing Xclaim ads, for which Ad Planner data is available, reaching over a million Croatian users.